Sunday, August 23, 2009

107/365 - All Up Ons

This morning I went for a run on the treadmill. I did 2 miles straight without stopping which I was super excited about. I haven't ever run that long straight without a short walking break. I was really proud of myself. Not long after I went to the river trail for the first time with my friend Jesse and her roommate and did 2 more miles straight there. I ran 4 miles in one day and I can't believe myself. My hips hurt (because I have the hips of an 80 year old) but I'm going to try to see if I can do it again. Some parts were pretty hilly so my toes hurt from hitting the front of my shoes during the downhills. I am thinking of digging out my marathon training book and maybe getting back into that again.

I came home from my first run and got some water. I set the cup down on my desk and Ella sticks her entire head into it to get some water, which I thought was cute. I then decided to actually lift the cup and tip it for her to drink out of. She's a silly little one.

My apartment - Fayetteville, NC

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