Wednesday, October 21, 2009

166/365 - Words Cannot Express...

At school we have a bulletin board for the teachers to stick up little positive notes to other staff members. Me being the kind of person who is really into that kind of stuff was the first person to stick notes up. Since then there are probably close to 30 or 40 notes now. At a staff meeting a few weeks ago we were talking about school-wide student incentives and one of the other first grade teachers told our principal that at her old school to encourage students to reach their goal, they said the principal would go up on the roof and do the chicken dance if the students did their part. I happened to be sitting near our principal and told her, "Let's do it! You know I'd totally go right up there and do it with you!" And she responded, "I KNOW you would!"

Later that afternoon I was telling Pam, one of the other first grade teachers, about the story and she thought it was funny. We carry on our conversation and she's working on some stuff when suddenly the chicken dance comes on. She had it on a CD and found it and played it. I told her we should go find Ms. Dowless and plug it in and play the song to see if she says anything. We walked down to the office with the CD player and I decided to check outside and see if she was still there. She was already in her car, so Pam and I decided to run outside in the rain doing the chicken dance and catch her. She thought we were nuts. Now it's this gigantic laughing joke with us.

Every once in a while when I go through the office, I either hum the song or do the motions and it usually gets a chuckle. I've gotten a few other people in on it too and it just makes me laugh. I'm so weird...

This was on the bulletin board today. I can't stop reading it. She's only written notes to a small handful of people and to know that I'm one of them really makes me smile.

Rockfish Hoke Elementary - Raeford, NC

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