Saturday, October 24, 2009

169/365 - This is What Productivity Looks Like

The principal opened the building for a few hours today, so of course I went in to get some work done. Three hours later (at 3:00pm) she told us she was going to be going home and locking up the building. I decided to ask if she minded locking me and Sally in to get more work done. We stayed until 11:00pm. Yes, on a Saturday. We ordered pizza and everything. So yeah, I pretty much live at school and this is proof. I got so much done. I got all of my stuff organized and files and I felt really good about myself. I was on such a role that I came home, ran a mile, put in a movie and stayed up until 2:00am grading papers and organizing my data for report cards. I'm awesome, I know. Don't be jealous.

Rockfish Hoke Elementary School - Raeford, NC

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