Saturday, November 21, 2009

197/365 - Shoes

Have you ever stopped and taken a minute and asked yourself what you would do if you were in someone else's shoes? Especially someone who does some great and amazing thing that makes a huge difference in someone's life. Sure, most of us have, and the general consensus is that we give them props for doing what they do, but could never see ourselves doing something like that. Maybe it's a lack of time. Or a lack of energy. Or a lack of money. There's always some reason we find that prevents us from being "that person." I saw The Blind Side tonight and it was a phenomenal movie. I would recommend it to anyone and I would go see it again and it's definitely one I will be buying. It's amazing how a small sacrifice to one person can make a world of a difference for another.

It's so easy to look at someone else's life with a judging eye and a finger of scrutiny, but unless we really know their story, what gives us the right to do that? Everyone comes from somewhere and each little event is a small part of a gigantic puzzle that makes them who they are. There are things in life that are unforeseeable, speed bumps we can never prepare for, and all we can do is hope for the best and look for the lesson that surely will come. Sometimes it's hard to see the good amidst all of the bad, but it's always there. I know that there are things in my life that have been on the unfortunate side, but I have learned from them and I try to practice looking for the good. Sometimes it takes years to see the good or the lesson in something, but it always comes.

I believe in karma and I believe in paying it forward. Do unto others are you would have done unto you. Go a little bit out of your way to do a favor for a stranger. Smile. A smile is a gift that we were all given and I think we should use it as much as possible.

If you were given the chance to make a difference in the life of another person, would you do it?

Lake Rim - Fayetteville, NC

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