Saturday, December 19, 2009

225/365 - Surprise!!

So I was supposed to get home at 3:30am this morning after the drive from NC to MI. Let's just say I got in at 9:30. Not am, but pm. It took us THIRTY hours to make it home. The South and East got hit with a massive snowstorm and the roads were just ridiculous. Not because of the snow, but because of the people. There were trucks jack-knifed all over the place, cars off in ditches, it was just a disaster. We were just into Virginia at 3:30am when we were supposed to be home. I didn't get any pictures because my little camera was dead and my big camera was in the trunk of my car. If I had known this was coming, I definitely would have documented it better. They closed the highway we were going to take so we had to take an alternate route home, which worked, but still!!! I got home and my mom and dad came out to greet me. Then they told me that the rest of my family was home and my brother and sister came walking out of the family room followed by this little guy. He's our new puppy! His name is Diesel and he is a yellow lab. I am in love with him! I love dogs!

Home - Lansing, MI

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  1. Awwwwwww. PLEASE LET HIM COME BACK TO NC WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!