Friday, July 10, 2009

63/365 - Withstanding Gravity

Today was an awesome day at Science Camp. We did a really cool experiment about standing on Dixie Cups. The little teeny paper ones. We bet the kids they could stand on them without crushing them. So to start we had a kid try to stand on just a few, which obviously broke. Then we laid a bunch out and put a piece of cardboard on top and let the kids stand on it one at a time and it didn't break for anyone. They were in awe. Then we got Mr. Aaron up there, who weighs close to 200 pounds and it still didn't break. By this point the kids are going nuts. We had Mr. Aaron stand on it and hold three kids too. Eventually we got Mr. Aaron AND Mr. Jared up there, which had about 400 pounds of weight on the cups. Then we put a 100 pound kid on each of their backs. So we're talking 600 pounds over maybe 100 Dixie Cups. What an awesome experiment and way to end our week!

Westside YMCA - Lansing, MI

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