Tuesday, June 9, 2009

32/365 - The Gum Lady

This is my friend Allison. She is very special. Today at camp one of the other counselors comes into the room where our camps are eating lunch and is like "Yo Allison, can I have a piece of gum. I know you always got gum!" We thought it was weird that he knew that, but he was right. We counted how many packs of gum she had in her purse and it was over 10. She claims it was because she is always in the mood for different kinds... sometimes mint, sometimes fruity. I just laugh. So after camp we go to Meijer to pick up stuff to make pasta salad. We make a put stop in the candy aisle and lo and behold, where does Allison need to stop? In front of the gum. You better believe I whipped my camera right out. It was a perfect picture opportunity. Don't even ask how many packs are in her car! Well hey, at least we know there'll always be fresh breath around!

Meijer - Lansing, MI

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  1. OMG! I miss Meijer's!!!! NOTHING like it out here, and people just don't understand...