Tuesday, June 30, 2009

52/365 - Gettin' Wiggy Wit It

So while I was playing Rock Band in the basement with Jess, I found this random wig we have for some reason and put it on and surprised her. She thought it was ridiculous and I continued to wear it for the rest of the night. I even did a video chat with Leah, who is my best friend, and I totally didn't tell her it was a wig. Since it was so funny, Jess and I thought it would be funny if I wore it to work the next morning to see what the kids would say. When they asked if I had gotten a haircut, I'd tell them yes and then they'd ask to see what it looked like under my hat. I then told them I had a little mishap with some gum and didn't want to talk about it. They all totally bought it. Well, I have swim camp this week so I obviously needed to take it off to go in the pool and one of my campers was like "hey, her hair came off with the hat" and then I told them it was a wig. It was so funny!!! I pulled one over on a lot of people!

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