Wednesday, June 10, 2009

33/365 - First Strike

Today was another fun day! After camp, Allison and I took the kids to Sharp Park to play and to work on softball stuff with Arianna. We threw around for a while then decided to have her practice some pitching. She was doing pretty well so we got it into her head that she should try pitching in her game tonight, which she of course initially freaked out about, but eventually calmed down. Pitching at that age is hard and no one is great, but she pitched for the first time ever today and this picture is of her first strike! :o) I'm really proud of her and I'm looking forward to helping her practice more this summer and going to more games! Everything is scary at first, but you just have to have courage and try, try, try.

Whitehills Park - East Lansing, MI

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