Wednesday, June 17, 2009

40/365 - Hardcore

Tonight I worked out with Jessica and my dad. We're wrapping things up and my dad just has a few exercises to do left. He goes to the punching bag and I'm holding it for him. He does his first set then decides he needs a break and will go do his ball crunches. Jessica tells him he should leave the boxing gloves on, so he does. When I heard this, I ran for my camera and knew it was going to be a picture perfect opportunity. When Jessica heard me say that, she was like "Oooh! I want to be in the picture!" and ran down there too. This picture is ridiculous and I love it. It's hardcore because my dad is doing ball crunches with boxing gloves on for cryin' out loud. That just screams bad ass. And look and Jess go on that air guitar. Man, what a hilarious ending to my night! :o)

The Summit - Dimondale, MI

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