Tuesday, June 16, 2009

39/365 - A Love Hate Relationship

I've decided that Arianna and I have a love/hate relationship. Well, on her end anyways. I think it's hilarious that some days we're best friends and other days she likes to fight with me and beat me up. Luckily I don't mind and I think it's funny. Allison and I took the kids to Hawk Meadow so the kids could ride on the path and we could walk and it was fun. I love going there because it's so pretty and it's just a good place to relax. Once we were done on the path we just laid in the grass for a good hour doing a whole lot of nothing and I loved it. I love spending time with them because it just feels good to be around people who I can tell like to and want to be around me too. This is my favorite picture of Ari and I. As you can see, it's definitely a "love" moment.

Hawk Meadow - Lansing, MI

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