Tuesday, May 26, 2009

18/365 - Vintage Postcard

While driving around today (one of three days left with Ryan) I decided to stop at one of my favorite beach parks to take some pictures. This place always catches my eye because it's just a long row of palm trees along the ocean with a good 200 feet of grass between them and the parking lot. I have taken several wonderful pictures here, yet today I decided to turn towards Lahilahi (the "mini mountain" I like to climb) and try to frame her between two of the palm trees. I like this picture because it looks like a vintage postcard, and it's also a perfect portrayal of a few of my favorite places on the island. I'm standing at one and looking at the other and I'll always remember this place. Me wandering around with my camera and Ryan searching for coral amongst the sand and cramming as many pieces as he can into his pockets (which seems to be a new hobby of his.) Compared to the mountain range, Lahilahi seems pretty small, but she's a good 300 foot climb that I've done countless times and have been able to obtain gorgeous views of Makaha from her summit. Climbing Lahilahi on my 24th birthday for the first time will be a memory I will never forget. There is just something about being able to see so far and knowing that only a limited number of people have shared this view. Sitting at the summit of Lahilahi, feeling the wind in my face, seeing the pattern of footprints in the sand below me, looking for turtles amongst the turquoise blue water, gazing up into the mountains and seeing for miles, will be a memory of Hawaii I will never forget.

Ma'ili Beach Park - Waianae, HI

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