Thursday, May 14, 2009

6/365 - Fuzzy Red Lines

Today was one of those days where not too much eventful happened and therefore taking and finding the best picture didn't go so well. I went up to the North Shore tonight to watch the sunset at Waimea Bay and then get dinner at a Mexican restaurant and was hoping to get something cool from either place, but nothing special. I had a picture in mind that I could use, but it wasn't my favorite. Driving home with my cousin, we merged onto the highway to find traffic at a crawl--nothing out of the ordinary for Hawaii. We saw the flashing lights up ahead so we knew we wouldn't have to wait long, thank God. Everything cool in Hawaii is usually at least a good hour's drive so we were ready to be home and not ready to sit in traffic. We got through the accident scene pretty quickly, but as we were driving, the police officers had set up flares and my cousin suggested that I take a picture, so I did. I got one with the flare in it, blurred of course, which makes it look sweet, but I think I like this one better because you aren't really sure what is going on. I like the mystery in photographs sometimes!

Queen Liliuokalani Fwy, HI

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