Wednesday, May 13, 2009

5/365 - Sextuplets?!?

I have been told several times that I'm weird, that I'm crazy, that I'm completely ridiculous. Can you imagine that times six? I'm sure everyone has wondered at least once in their life what things would be like if they were a twin, or if an annoying sibling had a twin. While looking around on Flickr for inspiration for my photos, I immediately found something I knew I had to try. I've messed around with Photoshop enough to know what I'm doing so I looked up online how to make this work and was surprised at how simple it was. The pictures took me maybe 5 minutes to take and another 5 to compile in Photoshop. I am so happy with the end product and plan on doing this many more times. I have been like grinning like an idiot for the last few hours since I took the pictures, uploaded them to my computer, and worked my magic. Hopefully this is the start to many awesome pictures to come!

Waianae District Park - Waianae, HI

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  1. Very cool Jenni! I might have to figure out how to do that! :)